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ESL Classes

GTA CPR would like to offer a special service to our new immigrant population. If you would like to book a group class, we will provide a highly skilled translator. Our translators are experienced in the translation teaching process and will work with the students to achieve the same high level of training. GTA CPR is proud to offer ESL classes in Mandarin, Cantonese and Greek. We will also be expanding the different languages we teach in, please contact us for updated information.

Adult learning classroom

What does this mean?

In Ontario, there are many fields of employment which require CPR/First Aid certification. This includes: the Police Force, Firefighters, Dental Hygiene, Home Care workers, Daycare/Montessori workers, Nursing, life-guarding, Boy Scouts, camp staff, some teaching positions, personal trainers and workplace fire marshals, just to name a few. With CPR/First Aid Certification you will broaden your horizons and expand your opportunities. You can't go wrong !

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